How to send money

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How to send money

Step. 1

Place Order

Step. 2

Make Payment

Step. 3

Get Reference No.

Step. 4

Check Order Status


Place a Send Order

Click 'Send Money' from the menu. (If you haven't logged in a login screen will be shown)
Select your destination and delivery method and input your beneficiary's information.
* If it is your first time transacting with us, we may make a video call to your mobile phone to ensure that you are not a victim of a fraud case.
* If you plan to send again to the same person, please add the person to your receivers lists.
* Note that if the receiving currency is USD, you can put a check to have the receiving amount fixed as calculated.


Make Payment

You can either make wire transfer from the bank account you have registered with us, or use 'auto-debit'.
You can add more accounts from 'My Account > Account List' menu.


Get your Reference Number

Once your payment is confirmed, our operator will process your order.
Once processed you will be notified of your Reference Number via e-mail or mobile message.
* In case of 'cash-pickup' please tell your receiver to visit one of the local MoneyGram agents with a valid photo ID.


Check your Order Status

You can always check your order lists and statuses from 'My Account > Send History' menu.
Moreover, you can download receipt for a successful transaction from the detail page(click the order number).